Moving from Country Club to Kennedy Denver, CO Reviews

Cheap movers from Country Club to Kennedy Denver, CO Reviews

Max Spencer: I hardly ever write reviews but Denver is awesome! Downloaded the app, took a pic of my purchase, put in the addresses and got an immediate (and accurate) estimate of delivery charge. Totally reasonable pricing, on time delivery, text updates AND the direct contact number and photos of the delivery guys. Here’s my receipt:
Base Fare
Travel Distance: 16.3 miles
Travel Time: 31 minutes
Labor: 18 minutes
Plus $10 off with coupon code

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College movers from Country Club to Kennedy Denver, Colorado Reviews

Eric Carr: Just wanted to give a huge thanks to Nick, Alex, Fred and Frank. I had an emergency move-out, and accidentally requested only a single truck Denver. Denver support ordered me a van, these 4 great guys were all super friendly and helpful, helped me get everything out of my apartment and into storage all packed nice and neatly. It took a little over three hours, which considering all the stuff I had was really quick. If you are doing any major moves though, definitely contact Denver support ahead of time and ask for a van. would be great if the app would let you request vehicle type.

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Reviews of house movers from Country Club to Kennedy Denver, CO

Brad Norton: First time using this service and can I just say how amazing it was!!! Charles and Joe were awesome! Bought a sleeper sofa at a warehouse sale and they both came to pick up the sofa within minutes. Charles and Joe continued to send me updates on their arrival time via texts and my sofa was delivered within 2 hours. They even lugged it all the way upstairs…most movers complain about having to move stuff upstairs, but nope they were totally cool about it! Definitely will use this service again 🙂

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Moving from Civic Center to Goldsmith Denver, CO Reviews

Furniture movers from Civic Center to Goldsmith Denver, CO Reviews

Andrew Spencer: Samuel and Roy were awesome! Super nice, helpful, quick and patient. I could not have asked for a better experience. Consider yourself lucky if you get these two! Denver is a great company. Instead of waiting for next day delivery wry from IKEA, I had my new furniture delivered and unloaded within 30 minutes. AMAZING!!!

Brian Hill: Used Denver for the first time to move a bed from Civic Center to Goldsmith. The whole process took 30 minutes from Denver app to moving the boxes into my room! Shout out to Dick and Steven who were friendly and professional. They estimated it’d take 40 minutes and actually beat me to my apartment, haha. I’ll definitely use Denver again.

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Professional movers from Civic Center to Goldsmith Denver, CO Reviews

Dorothy McDowell: Phil and Edward have some amazing Tetris skills. They were able to fit everything perfectly in the moving van. I have to say I was skeptical that it would all fit and they proved me wrong. Nice job guys!!! Also, Denver is changing their app to include coordinating the size of transport you need. George with custom support was able to assist me with this need and managed to redirect my request to get the right size van. It was not an easy move and I was very pleased!!! I would recommend to ALL.

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Piano movers from Civic Center to Goldsmith Denver, Colorado Reviews

Bill Webb: First time using Denver and won’t be my last! They’re like Uber for your last minute moving needs:) Gilbert and Joe promptly responded to my multiple texts before arriving, and they even went the extra mile to help us move two existing pieces of furniture before bringing in my new purchase from Civic Center this weekend. Thanks, guys!

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Moving from Central Business District to Hampden South Denver,…

Reviews of gun safe mover from Central Business District to Hampden South Denver, Colorado

Martin Glover: Shout out to James and Eric for the quick pick up and move! Was bummed they wouldn’t give me a ride up the hills, but I beat their truck running so its all good…made me look good in front of the lady walking by. Thanks again fellas.

Joseph Hitch: Dave and Steve were super nice, fast and took great care of my furniture when delivering.

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College movers from Central Business District to Hampden South Denver, CO Reviews

Amanda Strong: We were moving to another unit within our same building and Denver was the perfect service for us. The guys showed up just 20 minutes after we put the info in the app and were super friendly. Shout out to Howard, Nick, Hulio, Samir, Ken and Alex who went above and beyond by also helping us move the big stuff and even the smaller items we didn’t include in our order. They were rock stars who worked quickly and were fun to have around! Denver saved us from having to hire a big name moving company which would have been way more expensive. My ONLY very minor complaint is that the app is super bare-bones. We couldn’t upload more than one picture to show all the items we needed moved and once the move was done, the app didn’t show any information about the cost or who helped us. It would be nice to have that record easily accessible.

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Home movers from Central Business District to Hampden South Denver, CO Reviews

Beverly Jackson: Denver was the default company I was matched with when purchasing some furniture. Fully integrated app based. My movers were Jack and Bill, who were both quick and efficient! These guys were pushing hard all day, so if they move some heavy items for you, make sure you keep them hydrated.

Paul Smith: These guys are great!

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Moving from Cherry Creek to Wellshire Denver, CO reviews

Reviews of packing movers from Cherry Creek to Wellshire Denver, Colorado

Bill Simmons: Phil and James were super awesome! They delivered 2 couches for me from a pottery barn warehouse sale in Cherry Creek to my home on the coast. The price was way reasonable, and they were super friendly, nice to my kids, and fast and even helped put our old couch out on the curb. They also took great care with the couches, unlike past experiences of guys throwing stuff around. This whole process was so painless and simple I would definitely use them again. Thanks, Denver.

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Student movers from Cherry Creek to Wellshire Denver, CO reviews

Michael Webb: Wow! Great service! It was very easy to use the app to schedule delivery, they texted me so I always knew when my delivery was arriving, double checked that they picked up the correct order, and delivered everything with a smile. Ken and Roy were great! Will definitely use this service again.

Peter Aldridge: Frank and Peter were fantastic movers. They were on time, efficient, and took care to move things out without banging into walls and doors. Bonus points for chatting up my two year old and making her laugh too. I couldn’t be happier with their services.

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House movers from Cherry Creek to Wellshire Denver, CO reviews

Ken Morgan: Bob and Mario were great! Moved a few large items from Cherry Creek to Wellshire for me. Highlight was they were able to move my 300lbs safe down and up a flight.

Mathew Douglas: Used Denver for the first time this weekend to pick up and move a small couch. Great service! Jasper and Kurt were top notch. Kept me posted on timing and delivery was quick and smooth. Would definitely use them again!

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Moving from Cherry Creek to Washington Park Denver, CO…

College movers from Cherry Creek to Washington Park Denver, CO Reviews

Matthew Simmons: Phil and Steve are AWESOME!!! They load and unloaded a HUGE SUPER HEAVY BAR that I purchased from the Super Amazing Pottery Barn Warehouse Sale in Cherry Creek. They were prompt, courteous, professional and most of all friendly and polite. A supervisor on site at the sale whose name is Anil is also super helpful, prompt, reliable, and courteous. Denver is the bomb! Cost was super reasonable. Thanks again Phil and Steve you guys rock!!!

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Apartment movers from Cherry Creek to Washington Park Denver, CO Reviews

Bridget Strong: Used Denver for the first time and it was great! Nick and Roy arrived 8 minutes after I submitted the move request and were fast, efficient and professional moving our couch set. We had a couch, chair and ottoman set that needed to be driven across the city and up 5 flights of stairs with no elevator – no complaints from these guys. Thanks for the help guys!

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House movers from Cherry Creek to Washington Park Denver, CO Reviews

Nathaniel King: Arthur and Dick were really helpful today. Bought a large item in a fire sale and needed some help with pickup/delivery. I had never heard of Denver before — gave it a try, although skeptical. Happily pleased with the results. Arthur and Dick were accommodating and easy to work with. The warehouse pickup closed at 6:00pm — somehow they made it on time — got my large item and delivered it right to my door. Friendly, personable, and courteous. I would definitely use this service again. It’s surprisingly simple. The only drawback is that the actual charge I received was over the estimate (by $10) — not so bad, but then why give a person an estimate range? Other than that, I think this app is a winner.

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